Reading: The Digital Future of Books

by Alison on April 24, 2012

This is just a quick note to say that I’m collecting must-read articles about the digital future of books using Pinterest. While I don’t think print books are going away entirely, it is my belief that we’re currently in a great transition to digital. I know people who doubt this, but I think until you have seen some of the very best enhanced ebooks being published today, you can’t fathom what’s coming and how immersive these new digital books will be. Granted, there will always be physical books that you’ll want to own and have on your shelf.

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The articles I collect are a mixture of topics, anything from advice from self-publishing phenomenon Amanda Hocking to a recent article about the bad knockoff ebooks out there for sale. You can find the pin board here! (I also have other pin boards that you’re welcome to follow but they are primarily about recipes and DIY projects for my apartment.)

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