About Me

I grew up in the deep South, where my name is pronounced with extra syllables and my father still boils his own peanuts. As a child I would stay up at night to write little stories by flashlight. And all too frequently I entered teen magazine poetry contests.

When I was 23, I showed up in New York City with $200 to my name and a MA in Creative Writing worth even less than that. I talked my way into an editorial assistant position at Random House and tried to blend in. While at Random House, I co-wrote eight YA novels under a pen name with my best friend.

That pen name was May Vanderbilt.

In 2006, I moved to San Francisco and fell under the employ of a magical gnome. At Travelocity, I learned the ropes of digital marketing. Today I head up online strategy for the lovely Chronicle Books, where I hold the title of “Least Crafty Employee.”

When not reading, writing, editing, promoting, or thinking about books, I tend to spend my time outdoors–rock climbing, skiing, hiking, or whatever seems most likely to kill me on any given day. I also love food more than is strictly advised.